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Spring Plate Bushings Installation Instructions


Congratulations!!! You have made an excellent choice in the purchase of your Delrin Spring Plate Bushing from Racer’s Edge. Racer’s Edge components are precisely machined to the highest quality standards and exacting tolerances. It is critical the user of these products understands that these components only provide maximum benefit when installed properly. We recommend that the instructions below are followed exactly. We also recommended that a qualified technician install these components and that the directions be read in their entirety before work begins. 

1. Remove and separate factory spring plate from torsion tube assembly per factory instructions

2. It is now necessary to remove the inner and/or outer “doughnut” of rubber from the spring plate itself. This is a very tedious procedure and is best performed carefully and methodically. All rubberized material must be completely removed along the entire outer shaft in order to facilitate the installation of the new Delrin bushing. You may mow wish to paint the cleaned spring plate to prevent corrosion.

3. You will want to test fit the bushings in their locations, they should fit in their housings but they should not be too tight or too loose. It may be necessary to “clean” the spring plate housing so that the surface is smooth, any rust or rough spots will need to be smoothed via a brake hone or the like. The bushings themselves are designed to “shrink fit” on the spring plate so the inner dimensions cannot be test fit.

4. Once the proper test fit has been achieved, it will be necessary to heat the bushings to approx 250 deg F. This will enlarge the bushing and allow it to drop onto the clean spring plate. (if you assemble the units but then need to remove the bushings, heat the whole spring plate with bushings to 250 deg F and you will be able to work the bushings off)

5. Reinstall spring plate in factory housings, using a liberal amount of grease in the inner and/or outer housings. Test to make sure the arm can be moved up and down, if it cannot, disassemble and refit the bushings. 

6. Make sure that all bolts that were loosened during installation are retightened properly to factory spec.

7. It will may be necessary to realign the car after installation