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Intrax Shock Absorbers

$2,999.00 - $4,528.00
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We are pleased to offer Intrax shock absorbers, available in two different sets for the Porsche 944 and other fitments, the RSA and the 1K2. Unlike many competitors, Intrax deliberately builds their shocks with a single adjuster for the damping adjustment from "smooth" to "sporty / hard." With this one adjuster you can set a range of about 40 positions where both compression and rebound are simultaneously adjusted.

The RSA is an upside-down adjustable shock absorber system, minimizing unsprung weight.

The front is a 40mm MacPherson strut.

40mm RSA front shock absorber

The rear is a 40mm shock absorber with high uniball bearings for extremely low friction.

40mm RSA rear shock absorber

The RSA set can be optionally equipped with an upgraded 1K2 46mm rear shock absorber, a lightweight aluminum, larger competition damper for better cooling. The 1K2 is very strong for more circuit usage.

1K2 46mm rear shock absorber

We can also offer a full 1K2 set for front and rear with 45mm front struts for extra strength.

1K2 45mm front shock absorber

Both the RSA and 12K shock absorber sets are equipped with camber plates to set extra camber and suitable for racing applications.

Camber plate for the front

All shock absorber sets can be equipped with the “Black Titan” coating, which will be applied on the guidance- and piston rods. This is a coating that cannot rust and is extremely hard and smooth. Overall friction is lowered with these piston rods, improving comfort, reducing oil temperatures, improving traction and extending life time under the severest conditions.

Available for Porsche 944 and other fitments. Call us for specific details and to order.